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My husband and I love people, nature, and animals. We also have a passion for photography and videography. We have traveled to many places and find ourselves searching for that perfect picture or video shot to share an experience. We see photographs or video as being an emotion or memory captured for others to see as an extension our ability to describe a special event.

Our friends and family members can always count on my husband and I to capture holiday events and adventures. They know that where we are, a camera and camcorder will be near.

Photography has been a passion of mine for years. I have always been focused on the special things and moments in our lives. I realize that our world still remains a beautiful place. I want to capture that in a picture or video.

We have been asked by several people to photograph or video their events. With great reviews, we were told that we should share our talent with others and start a photography/videography business. My husband and I took their advice and invested in upgraded equipment. That is how Above and Beyond Photography and More was born.

We decided to offer and share our passions in one business. We will now offer wedding photography, studio photography, videography services, decorative craftwork, travel photos, and ATV excursions.

We hope as you browse our website you will see our effort to bring to you memorable images, videos, and more. From our wedding photography, images gathered from our travels, crafts, or ATV adventures, we hope you will find something that will catch your attention. We want our images and services to move you, touch you, inspire you, or just simply make you smile.

We have made it our mission to capture moments in time to grace your home, office, and the lives of those dear to you with our services.

Photo and Video by Tammy and Allen Brown
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